Muscle Pain Treatments

From injuries to infections to strains, your life may be filled with chronic muscle pain. Thanks to the team at The Rub Club in Sulphur Springs, TX, and Paris, TX, muscle pain treatments are within reach.

What Are Some Treatments for Painful Muscles?

One of the most popular treatments for painful muscles is a deep-tissue massage. A practitioner understands how to get rid of any tension built up in your muscles. Whether the tension results from injury or surgery recovery, this therapy can work in cohesion with your primary care to help you heal faster.

At times, your muscle weakness can spread and cause other problems. If someone has fibromyalgia, they have widespread muscle tenderness and pain. However, with trigger point therapy, the team at the Rub Club focuses on the extra-tight muscles that are the source of pain throughout your body. By focusing on that tight muscle, your body can release toxins and tension, so you'll feel more relaxed again.

What Are Some Causes of Muscle Pain?

There are several reasons why an otherwise healthy person may need muscle pain treatments in Paris, TX, and Sulphur Springs, TX. If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety at home or work, it can manifest itself physically through muscle tension. If you have a sedentary job, be mindful of how often and the way you sit. Sitting for hours a day without stretching your muscles and helping your blood circulate, can create tension and discomfort. Poor posture can also add to that. 

In addition to sitting, too much movement can be just as bad when it comes to your muscle disorders. You could easily pull a muscle if lifting heavy objects all day. Repeating the same movements without a break can also wear your muscles down and cause them to tense up. You may notice muscle pain if you're recovering from a viral disease or diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Plus, forgetting to warm up properly when you're an athlete or someone who works out a lot can also be detrimental to your muscle health.

The friendly and experienced team at The Rub Club provides many services to help you feel better and relax. When you need muscle pain treatments in Paris, TX, and Sulphur Springs, TX, don’t hesitate to schedule a massage or other therapy services. Call (903) 739-9959 to reach the Paris, TX, location or (903-919-5066) for the Sulphur Springs, TX, office.


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