Sore After Massage

Sore After Massage

Why am I sore after massage?

You just got the best massage ever, you feel your muscles finally relax for the first time in a long time.But the next day, you wake up with some muscle soreness and maybe some fatigue. What happened? Chances are it's the massage, and it's perfectly OK!

A professional massage is more than an ordinary backrub.  Massage therapist can find all the kinks that have built up from daily stress and too little or too much exercise. The whole point of a therapeutic massage is to release tension, work out the kinks and help your body relax so it can function at an optimal level. All of this work stretches muscles, pushes blood into them and gets things working again. And like working out, soreness occurs because “new” things are happening to your muscles. They get kneaded, moved,and squeezed.All of this can release metabolic (body) wastes and other materials that are stored in your muscles and other soft tissues (skin, fat, fascia.) These waste products are being flushed from the soft tissues (why drinking lots of water after is very important). Massage stirs things up.

A deeper “therapeutic” massage is more likely to cause soreness than a really light massage. However, the deeper massage may be exactly what you need.Soreness  is usually gone within just a few (2-3) days. Sometimes it can last longer. If your massages are far between, each one is just like having a first massage over again. The first massage usually causes the most soreness (if there will be any.)

Understand that your body is an organism made up of complex systems that react to a constantly changing influx of external factors. Maintain good health practices and keep your mind free of negative clutter. Drink plenty of water immediately following your treatment, and continue to do so for the next day or two. This will rehydrate your tissues and ease the effects. Take it easy after your massage. Go home, relax and just allow your body to find its balance naturally. Like exercise, make bodywork a habitual practice for good health.It’s less likely you will have soreness or tenderness afterward if you have massage more often. Your body adapts to massage and you will have less soreness if you can have massage more frequently. One half hour every other week is more beneficial than one hour once a month

And if you wake up the next morning a little sore, it's probably because you had a really good massage


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